Small Satellites

Projects / Programs Description Status Outcome
CSSP A low-cost, internationally shared space based data collection and distribution backbone
  • Phase 1: End-User Needs assessment completed
  • Phase 2: Concept of Operation in progress
  • Phase 3: Implementation plan to be developed
Shared Small Satellites CSSP for Collective Security, Safety, and Prosperity
Standards Develop standards to define micro, nano and pico satellite platforms and the data interface for global interoperability
  • Phase 1: standard platform specifications and first version completed
  • Phase 2:standard platform for pico-satellites in progress
  • Phase 3: Launch, spacecraft and ground systems architectures standard
. A platform for developing satellite subsystems standards to ensure interoperability among international partners.
. Small satellites that are cheaper to develop with a shortened development time to launch.
Launch Portal Web-based one stop shop for launch opportunities for small satellites
  • Phase 1: Prototype demo completed
  • Phase 2: Populatingb the database
  • Phase 3: Official launch
  • Regular update
Provide secondary satellite developers with a current list of candidate launches detailing carrier type, carrying capacity, and key contact information
Export Control Establishing a clear process for intellectual property rights and a streamlined process for members to resolve export control issues
  • Phase 1: ITAR Handbook completed
  • Phase 2: Global TAA in progress
  • Phase 3: Guideline for intellectual property
Guidelines dealing with export control restricted technologies of interest, and how smaller companies can address intellectual property concerns while engaging with larger firms or government agencies.
Last updated: 6/21/2021