Business Model

CANEUS capitalizes on the investment in R&D of its membership to address present and future requirements, challenges, and opportunities of the aerospace industry by combining the, and skills, expertise assets of its members and focuses on activities identified by them in a cost-effective and responsive manner.

The implementation strategy of CANEUS is based on establishing critical relationships with its membership: governments, industries, universities, R&D organizations and strategic partners. CANEUS acts as a catalyst to integrate technical assets and provide solutions and applications to meet the needs of its stakeholders. By leveraging the knowledge, experience, and assets of its stakeholders, CANEUS project management teams provide its stakeholders an infrastructure with an international reach-back capability so they can deal with the full spectrum of technical issues, short-mid-, or long-term.

CANEUS focuses on collaborative programs and R&D projects/programs, translating low-level TRL technology into high-level technology applications providing innovative solutions to the industry in collaboration with its membership and partner organizations. The CANEUS business model is to create a virtual collaborative R&D infrastructure that provides intelligent brokerage services using a small team of technical project management and business development experts that focus on projects/programs development; building programs/projects teams from within the membership, requirements definition, strategic alliances, and member services and relationships. The projects/programs undertaken by CANEUS are those that meet the needs expressed by the stakeholders, the community through the bi-annual conferences or focused workshops and members who are willing to contribute funds, expertise, assets and capabilities.

By syndicating the technical competencies of its members and partners, the value of CANEUS to its membership is enhanced through supporting membership initiatives in creating a portfolio of projects developed, sponsored, populated and led by the membership. The CANEUS Business Model provides six key differentiators (Figure 5): market needs defined by the membership, international reach and influence, access and integration of best of breed technologies, assets and expertise aligned with market needs, reach and influence to integrate the best resources around projects and programs, and the acceleration of the transition of technologies through the different TRL levels.

Because CANEUS is a not-for-profit entity, it can address opportunities that address the horizontal needs of the industry by creating a collaborative environment where stakeholders can work together by pooling their resources together to find/develop industry wide solutions. It also has the advantage of being able to enable stakeholders to leverage their resources (financial, human, assets, R&D infrastructure, etc.) by providing an international collaborative platform that no other organization’s business model can match.

CANEUS’s success is intimately linked to the success of its stakeholders: develop innovative solutions by exploiting collective knowledge and exploit fully leading edge technologies to accelerate their introduction into the supply chain. CANEUS is not in the business of developing products but in the business of leveraging, nurturing and supporting membership led initiatives that have expressed a need for solutions and for partners to develop solutions.

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