CANEUS’ biennial conferences are the world’s premier international forum devoted to successfully transitioning emerging Micro and Nano Technology (MNT) concepts to aerospace system applications.


The CANEUS 2006 conference in France succeeded in generating tremendous interest within Canada, Europe, the US and Japan for the development of a smoothly functioning technology development pipeline. A call for promising MNT concepts at the CANEUS 2004 Conference resulted in the submission and evaluation of 14 innovative concept topics.


The conference typically consists of three days of conference sessions covering topics related to the MNT Technology Development Pipeline, and two days of workshop sessions to debate issues related to concept papers.

Speakers at the conferences are by invitation only. Each speaker at the conference is a leader in the field, describing his or her organization's work in the context of the broader global picture. The conference sessions provide the background material for discussions leading to informed decisions by participants at the subsequent workshops sessions. The two-day workshop sessions will use a step-by-step approach to first identify candidate MNT concepts and ultimately formulate projects, while focusing on fostering international partnerships that bring together complementary core competencies.

CANEUS conferences are complemented by short courses and exhibits. Short courses on relevant topical areas are conducted prior to the start of the conference. These are taught by world experts in their field to provide technical background in key areas pertinent to conference topics. Technical exhibits cover state-of-the-art in MNT-related tools and resources, as well as end-user applications.

Last updated: 2/25/2015