Concept Topic

Specific area of micro-nano-technology (MNT) development. Forms the basis of further development in terms of Concept Papers and Projects.

Focal Area

Categorical area for which related Concept Topics can be identified, or grouped together. Examples – micro energetics, wireless sensors, nano photonics.

Concept Paper Proposal

Short written proposal aimed at securing the funding necessary for the development of the Concept Paper.

Concept Paper

Written paper identifying the specific Concept Topic that is being developed. Also addresses issues such as markets, potential team structure, etc. Not yet a project, but with continued organization and development may progress to Concept Project status and be addressed at CANEUS conference.


Coordinated group effort to develop specific Concept Topic technology or system implementation. Can either be at Concept Project or Pilot Project stage. Concept Project: A Concept Paper that has continued to be defined and developed sufficiently that it has progressed to Concept Project status. A Concept Project will be addressed at the CANEUS conference through participant activities in several workshops.

Pilot Project Proposal

The stage after a Concept Project has been reviewed at the CANEUS conference and is being transitioned to Pilot Project status. The proposal is the step for acquiring the funding for actively pursuing the technology development and implementation.

Pilot Project

A Concept Project which was addressed at CANEUS conference and has since attained threshold level of progress and funding that CANEUS organization plays an active role. Pilot Projects may be pursued independently, may lead to the formation of a new Working Consortia, or may be managed by an existing Working Consortia.

Working Consortia

A collection of organizations grouped around a broad area of technology concern. Formed to advance the Pilot Projects for which they are responsible.

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