Governance and Organization

CANEUS is governed by an International Board of Directors (IBD), elected by its membership, who jointly oversee the activities of the organization. Its representation is international and is drawn from Canada and CANEUS regional organizations (Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Africa) who share the objectives and the goals of CANEUS. On behalf of the membership, the IBD is responsible for: governing the organization by establishing broad policies and objectives; selecting, appointing, supporting and reviewing the performance of the Executive Director: ensuring the availability of adequate financial resources; approving annual budgets; and being accountable to the stakeholders for the organization's performance.

The Executive Director is responsible for implementing the decisions of the IBD and overseeing the day to day operation of the organization. The Executive Director provides the leadership and the administrative infrastructure to generate worldwide membership, sets up committees to facilitate the formation of international consortia and the biennial CANEUS conferences to provide a unique global forum to identify focus areas, creates working groups around themes, executes projects/programs through the creation of consortia, and oversees the day to day work staff.

CANEUS has created a structure that reflects its mission. The structure consists of a small and agile administrative infrastructure that relies on its members to carry out the day to day management of the projects/ programs while maintaining a small core of technical project management and business development experts that focus on developing and overseeing project/program, building program/project teams from within its membership, defining requirements, making strategic alliances, and providing member services.

CANEUS maintains the necessary software, processes, and procedures to effectively oversee the project management, business development and marketing aspects. To facilitate collaborative activities, it also maintains a flexible and shared platform that is readily accessible and used by stakeholders in projects/programs.

Last updated: 12/6/2010