Strategic Functions and Roles of CANEUS

CANEUS has eleven key strategic functions and roles:

  1. Establish innovative cost-effective project management practices and techniques that facilitate the integration of assets that thoroughly understands customer requirements and expectations.
  2. Broker the participation in collaborative programs and technology developments focused on providing solutions to the expressed needs of the aerospace community.
  3. Provide leadership that enables the successful integration of vital national and international assets to reduce costs and mitigate risks through the privileged access to jointly developed pre-competitive technology and proprietary product development
  4. Foster the integration of required leading-edge technical assets and expertise around well defined programs and projects teams to deliver results to stakeholders.
  5. Provide the infrastructure to identify and secure projects/programs funding (monetary or in-kind) of the different stakeholders that will sustain the project/program and ensure the timely delivery of the project/program.
  6. Formulate the strategic agreements and partnerships that will provide access to critical human and technical resources while ensuring the interests of the participants and/or organizations in the project or programs are protected.
  7. Participate in collaborative technology, product and business development environments
  8. Provide fair and equitable access to results by providing IP-brokering service
  9. Accelerate and reduced time-to-market and rapid system-level deployment through a value chain based on collaborative approach and the sharing of critical assets.
  10. Participate and foster the development of global standards in cooperation with leading aerospace corporations and agencies
  11. Contribute to the “harmonization” of various National Policies (e.g. ITAR) controlling collaborative international technology developments including the brokering of the international regulatory bodies on behalf of the membership (e.g. WRAC for frequency band allocations)

As the projects/programs manager, requirements definer, asset manager, integrator, and solutions/applications provider, CANEUS can capitalize on the global wealth of knowledge and organizations, leverage investments and work horizontally across agencies and organizations to deliver innovative solutions more effectively and efficiently. Organizations throughout the world can share their strengths, experience, research, and technical knowledge to enable an important common objective at a lower cost by pooling all the necessary resources under the same roof.

Last updated: 2/25/2015