CANEUS International

CANEUS International is a unique non-profit organization of professionals involving public/private partnership, serving primarily the needs of aeronautics, space and defense communities by fostering the coordinated, international development of MNT (Micro-Nano- Technologies) for aerospace and defense applications.

As a “hands on” organization, CANEUS is focused on the practical aspects of transitioning new and emerging technologies rapidly and efficiently from the concept to the system level. In achieving this goal, CANEUS brings together stakeholders (technology developers, aerospace end-users, governmental policy makers and investors) from across the world and creates a synergistic collaborative environment which is key to reducing developmental costs, time to market and global supply chain penetration.

CANEUS leads and coordinates the efforts of entities in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East and elsewhere, in the rapid and cost effective acceleration of MNT from the laboratory to market deployed aerospace products and system level solutions.

CANEUS’ role is to provide organizational leadership, coordination, technical support, and expertise for the collaboration by its Members on high risk – high cost projects and initiatives. CANEUS provides a smooth and efficient MNT development pipeline by organizing supply chain type partnerships among its Members. CANEUS will also assist in the brokering of the intellectual property that is integral to CANEUS projects. CANEUS establishes an “innovation environment” where the issues of confidentiality are pre-established thereby allowing stimulating the free form discussions,

While CANEUS provides the organizational framework, Members, in addition to paying membership fees, are expected to dedicate their separate technical and human resources, not only to the leadership of CANEUS, but also to the initiation, development and completion of CANEUS Consortia projects.

In order to participate in CANEUS Consortia projects, Members must sign Membership Agreement, pay the dues listed, and collaborate on high risk – high cost projects that directly improve the Member’s own business or institution.

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Last updated: 2/25/2015