CANEUS 2009 Workshops

CANEUS 2009 is the world’s premier international forum dedicated to fostering international collaboration on the development of advanced micro and nanotechnologies (MNT) from concepts to ultimate infusion into next generation aerospace systems. The NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California has offered to host the entire event from March 1 to 6, 2009.

The CANEUS 2009 Workshops take a practical approach to efficiently overcoming the challenges associated with matching aerospace application needs with the new capabilities offered by emerging micro and nanotechnologies. The program emphasizes measurable deliverables with lasting impact for the aerospace industry. Over 350 world experts from Europe, the Americas, and Asia will address the current and future needs of the aerospace industry, state of the art in micro and nanotechnologies, government and private investment for concepts-to-systems development, and policies such as ITAR and export control regulations that affect international collaborations. Participants of the CANEUS 2009 Workshops will also collectively prepare implementation plans for well-defined projects and identify new project concepts in the areas of small satellites, fly-by-wireless, aerospace reliability, devices, and materials.

The CANEUS 2009 Workshops have a unique format which emphasizes, as its primary deliverable, the definition and implementation plans for technology infusion projects within each of the Sector Consortia. During the workshop sessions of the program, participants in each consortium will (a) identify projects important to their organizations; (b) define a project concept, be it a product development, a process development, or an initiative; (c) identify work teams; and (d) assign tasks and subsequent meeting dates to further develop these projects. It is expected that this process of project definition and development will subsequently lead to the submission of teaming agreements and project proposals to the CANEUS organization, with cost estimates, a work breakdown structure, and proposed funding strategies. Ultimately, the event aims to make significant advances in realizing each Sector Consortium’s vision for its particular technology focus.


This is the fourth CANEUS world event of its kind: The first CANEUS world event was held in Montreal, Canada, in 2002; the second in Monterey, U.S., in 2004; and the third in Toulouse, France, in 2006. The CANEUS 2002 Conference witnessed the creation of the international collaborative aerospace development community. At the CANEUS 2004 Conference, a call for promising MNT concepts resulted in the submission and evaluation of 14 innovative concept topics, five of which evolved into the mature Sector Consortia that exist today. The CANEUS 2006 Conference in France generated tremendous interest within Canada, Europe, the US, and Japan for the development of a smoothly functioning technology development pipeline.

The CANEUS 2009 Workshops, so called for its focus on measurable deliverables within its Sector Consortia, will solidify the foundation that was laid in past conferences.


  • Provide participants and potential team members with an interactive in-depth assessment of current aerospace end-user needs as well as state-of-the-art developments in micro and nano technolo¬gies.
  • Articulate well-defined technology infusion projects and create their implementation plans within each of the Sector Consortia through the leadership of Sector Consortia Directors and the active contributions of participants
  • Facilitate public and private partnership by addressing challenges to collaborative innovation: Issues to be discussed include Intel¬lectual Property, Funding Mechanisms, Export Control, and other regulations affecting International Collaboration;
  • Build upon the achievements of the previous CANEUS world conferences held in 2002, 2004, and 2006 that have successfully established a global aerospace collaboration collaboratory.
Last updated: 2/25/2015