Concepts for CANEUS Projects that are responsive to the goals and objectives of CANEUS partners can be proposed by any individual or organization from the Aerospace community. If the concept is accepted by CANEUS, a formal Project proposal will be developed with the help of CANEUS Staff and interested partners. Projects can also be proposed by the various CANEUS active committees and Consortia groups as an integral part of their program planning requirements.

Collaboration Efforts

Development Efforts

The partners agree to collaborate and work together on the Project/s. All costs incurred by the partners in connection with this efforts shall be the sole responsibility of the partners incurring the costs .

Project Management

The Project Management Committee to provide oversight for the collaboration between the Project team partners. The Committee will be comprised of a representative from each team partner and one CANEUS staff partner. The Project Teaming Agreement will list all Committee partners.

The Committee will:

  1. convene periodic reviews of the Project and will meet face-to-face as required;
  2. be responsible for the oversight of the collaboration including fiduciary responsibility, scope of the relationship, IP management, business performance and collaboration policy;
  3. approve the patentability, ownership, valuation, and compensation for IP used or developed in the Projects;
  4. have signature authority for the Project and work on any Project cannot commence unless all partners of the Committee have affixed their signatures to the Project Teaming Agreement

Project Scope

All the details of each development project will be described in a Project Plan and will include: a jointly developed definition; each partner’s expected contribution of resources; each partner’s contribution of and compensation for background IP; each partner’s contribution to the creation of and compensation for new IP; each partner’s role in the commercialization of the defined product or process. Each partner will participate in the development of a business model for the defined product or process (the business model is part of the Project Schedule) that will be used to test the commercial viability of the Project. If at any time during a review of the Project, the commercial viability comes into question, the team partners can terminate the Project with approval from a majority of the Project Management Committee partners. Continued commercial viability is essential for the sustained disbursement of resources for the Project.

Project Definition

A work breakdown structure (WBS) will be included to provide a diagram of the project program and, the contributions of background IP and new IP from both Parties will be indicated at each point in the diagram where the IP is required. A work breakdown structure (WBS) will be created to provide a description of the tasks required to develop and establish a timeline for the Project. All team partners agree to follow a staged gate product development process when defining the tasks for the WBS.

  1. Resource Allocation. The WBS will clearly indicate the personnel, equipment and facilities of each team partner to be used for each task of the Project. Sources of funding from all team partners and funding sources will be listed in the Project Plan.
  2. Budget. A combined budget reflecting the cost of development of all team partners including labor cost (fully burdened) supplies, equipment, sub-contracts and travel for the Project will be included in the Project Plan. Each task of the WBS will reflect the relevant costs.
  3. Business Model. A top level business model that includes revenue, expenses, and cash flow statement for the project will be included in the Project Plan. This will form the basis of a metric to be used to continuously test the viability of the Project.
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