Consortia Leadership

Small Satellites

  • Andrew H. Quintero
    Director and Coordinator of SSSC
    The Aerospace Corporation
    California, USA
  • John Hines
    Chair of Standards Development Initiative
    NASA Ames Research Center
    California, USA
  • Jake Szatkowski
    Chair of Launch Services Initiative
    United Launch Alliance
    Colorado, USA
  • William Edmonson
    Chair of Stakeholder Liaison and Strategic Development Initiative
    North Carolina State University
    North Carolina, USA
  • Andrew H. Quintero
    Co-Chair of Intellectual Property and Export Control Initiative
    The Aerospace Corporation
    California, USA
  • George N. Grammas
    Co-Chair of Intellectual Property and Export Control Initiative
    Squire, Sanders & Dempsey
    Washington DC, USA


  • Roy Vestrum
    Organizing Committee Chair
  • Jim Castellano
    Technical Co-Chair
    Industry Canada
  • Robab Safa-Bakhsh
    Leader of Structural Vehicle Health Monitoring (SHM) Initiative
    Boeing Phantom Works
  • David Russel
    Co-Leader of Sensor DAQ Initiative
  • Brian McCabe
    Co-Leader of Sensor DAQ Initiative
    Sikorsky Aircraft
  • Ali Abedi
    Leader of Passive Sensor Tag Initiative
    University of Maine


  • Bruno Foucher
    Director and Coordinator of Reliability Sector Consortium
  • Fabio Coccetti
    Leader of MNT Technology Developers Initiative
  • Oudea Coumar
    Leader of Space Radiation Effects on MEMS
    EADS Astrium ST
  • Bruno Levrier
    Database and Technology Portal Initiative
    IMS - Université Bordeaux


  • Deepak Srivastava
    NASA Ames
    CANEUS Founding Director and Coordinator
  • Stefano Bellucci
    INFN-Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati
  • Edward Shaffer
    Leader of Micro-Energetics Initiative
    U.S. Army


  • Sonia M. García-Blanco
    Coordinator, Sensors and Instruments
    University of Twente
    The Netherlands
  • Jan Suski
    Director, Harsh Environment Sensors
  • Nico de Rooij
    Director, Harsh Environment Sensors
    University of Neuchatel
  • Oudea Coumar
    Coordinator, Harsh Environment Sensors
    TE612, EADS-Astrium
    Space Transportation
  • Iain McKenzie
    Director and Coordinator, Photonics
    European Space Technology & Research Centre
    The Netherlands
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Last updated: 2/25/2015