Become a CANEUS Webinar Instructor

Guidelines for Becoming an CANEUS Webinar Instructor

CANEUS Professional Development is always seeking experienced engineering professionals with industry/academic backgrounds to propose and instruct webinars.

CANEUS contracts with instructors to present webinars on current, applications-oriented subjects related to CANEUS Consortia projects. The instructors are responsible for the course outline development; class notes including activities, practice sets, and case studies; presentation aides and materials; and instruction of the material on mutually agreeable dates.

Other important points include:

  • CANEUS handles all course administration: scheduling, promotion and advertising, registration, and post-course evaluations.
  • CANEUS Webinars are usually two to eight hours in length taught in a series of two-hour sessions.
  • CANEUS Webinars are offered publicly via WebEx on a mutually agreeable schedule and reach participants around the globe.
  • An honorarium is offered, as well as free coaching on making effective webinar presentations and orientation to the WebEx Training Center.
  • No travel is required. The instructor participates from his/her own home or office equipped with a PC, dedicated internet connection and a separate telephone line.
  • The instructor is responsible for developing the master support materials and obtaining permission to reprint copyrighted material from outside sources. CANEUS will then handle all conversion and digital protection to make the materials accessible to participants. When required, special texts can also be supplied to participants, as long as arrangements are made before the webinar is promoted.
Last updated: 12/14/2010