The NAVIN Consortium will implement a well-coordinated continuous technology development pipeline covering the end customers (Indian Govt., private consumers etc.), large companies/system integrators such as Boeing, Tata, Mahindra, L&T, Antrix, Airbus etc, Micro-Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) developing new technology concepts and products, and finally the education/research partners (i.e. IISc).

The NAVIN Consortium will be the focal point for both pre-competitive and proprietary research and development activities, and is envisioned to be an international forum promoting the advancement of a broad range of emerging nanotechnologies for use by the global aerospace and naval industries.

The NAVIN Consortium will be seeking and evaluating areas of technological value for commercial and defense aircrafts, helicopters, space and naval vehicles manufacturers on high-priority projects of common interest and concern in which emerging nano-technology enabled solutions can be the answer to the challenging problems and “pain points” of the global aerospace industry.

In the past and even currently, most of these stakeholders are disconnected from each other and do not see the mutual benefit of cooperating with each other and creating a coordinated strategy whereby everyone benefits by removing many of the inefficiencies associated with the status quo. Therefore, working downwards from the end-customer in the technology development pipeline, the individual value propositions for each participating stakeholder is described in the IRC value proposition.

Once projects of interest have been identified, the IRC will generate funding for these projects through several sources.