The NAVIN Consortium will be seeking and evaluating areas of technological value for commercial and defense aircraft, helicopter, space and naval vehicles manufacturers on high-priority projects of common interest and concern in which the emerging nano-technology enabled solutions can contribute to the solution of challenging problems and the realization of successful implementation.

The NAVIN Consortium team will go through formal brainstorming/down-selection processes together during the IRC launch meeting and then impose the practical constraints of budgets, schedules, etc. to arrive at a final set of projects that are owned by all team members with clear and specific target applications. We propose to brainstorm these ideas with the combined minds of industry, academia, government stakeholders, and CANEUS acting as an organizer and technical facilitator, as well as a full team member in the process.

Once areas of interest to the NAVIN Consortium industry partners have been identified, the IRC will lead the selection of focused projects and the formulation of the implementation plans including generating funding through relevant sources, the development of IP frameworks, and identification of deliverables.

Initial focus categories that have been selected for discussion are listed. By no means are these the only topics for consideration. It is our sincere hope that active and productive discussions will not only vet these topics but also propose new ones for consideration: