Partnership Benefits

Close collaborations with CANEUS Consortium partners ensures that the concepts being developed by the NAVIN Consortium IRC will eventually find a home in system-level applications being pursued by the industry sponsor. The NAVIN CONSORTIUM IRC will further bring about tremendous economic benefit to the region by spurring the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises centered on the IRC hub and the large end-users supporting it.

Benefits to industry partners include:

  • Opportunity to direct early stage R&D towards future industry goals.
  • Opportunity to develop a robust “ecosystem” consisting of early TRL R&D, Mid TRL SMEs part of the industry supply chain and High TRL transition to own manufacturing and system integration.
  • Demonstrate the deep impact of ongoing and planned investments into the development of academic institutions and SMEs for the industry supply chain within India.
Additionally, partners are assured of the following benefits:
  • Cost and risk mitigation: Access to jointly developed pre-competitive technology development
  • Participation in collaborative technology, product and business development environments
  • Licensing access to a fair and equitable IP-brokering service
  • Reduced time-to-market and rapid system-level product deployment through supply chain development and collaboration
  • Access to CANEUS forums/conferences as key networking platforms to address relevant issues
  • Access to CANEUS’ global “technology portal” that identifies state-of-the-art nanotechnologies
Last but not least, the strong ties to India represent access to an extremely large and rapidly growing market for new products and systems within the Aerospace, defense and maritime sectors. Through robust collaborations between IRC and its academic and industrial counterparts, the Consortium will be able to provide the industry partner a significant multiplier on the utilization of their Offset benefits.