About Us

Many new micro-nanotechnologies (MNT) based materials, sensors and system concepts fall in the regime of technology push, which is that there is generally no high-TRL system-level application that is driving their development. However, once infused into or implemented within a specific mission, they promise to enable exciting, breakthrough applications that were previously not possible, nor envisioned.

In order to reap the potential of emerging MNT concepts and increase the number of these concepts that are successfully implemented in system-level applications, CANEUS International has been an early pioneer in proposing and applying collaborative solutions for overcoming the so-called mid-TRL (Technology Readiness Level) “valley of death” and thereby smoothly transitioning MNT concepts to aerospace applications.

CANEUS International, a non-profit organization, proposes a rapid and cost-effective method of technology transition via the creation of international collaborative consortia. Especially important is the creation of international partnerships between industry, university, and government stakeholders to pool resources and create smoothly functioning development “pipelines” with the necessary industry “pull” for emerging technology concepts. To date, CANEUS International has created and currently coordinates five Sector Consortia dedicated to Nano Materials and Sensors, Nano-Satellites, Nano Devices and Instruments, Fly-by-Wireless, and MNT Reliability.

The Centre for Nano Science and Engineering (CeNSE) has unmatched facilities in India for research and development work in micro and nanotechnologies. The CeNSE has invested approximately US$200 million (in PPP terms) and houses world-class facilities for nanofabrication and device characterization. The CeNSE also has ambitious outreach programs that include more than 150 universities of India and all major national labs in addition to several companies. The CeNSE enjoys support from all major funding agencies in India. The CeNSE is the heading a large initiative on sensor development for the aerospace industry. Therefore, it is apt to establish the proposed CANEUS led IRC at the CeNSE and use it as a nodal point for initiating and expanding collaborative projects and programs with all stakeholders in MNT for Aerospace applications.