Charter Of "NAVIN" Consortium"

The CANEUS MNT for Advanced Aerospace and Naval Vehicles in India “NAVIN” Consortium is envisioned as an international forum promoting the advancement of a broad range of emerging nanotechnologies for use by the global aerospace and maritime industry. The “NAVIN” Consortium aims to include all the primary industry stakeholders, including technology developers, system integrators, and end-users.

The “NAVIN” Consortium will be the steward of the industry’s strategic and technology roadmap for emerging nanotechnologies. In keeping with the CANEUS International philosophy, it aims to establish a collaborative environment wherein resources from partner organizations are pooled to focus on high priority initiatives aimed at accelerating the infusion of emerging nanotechnologies into aerospace applications.

The “NAVIN” Consortium also acts as the facilitator for finding applications for the exciting new intellectual property jointly developed through academia-industry collaboration as well as the development of the appropriate supply chain organizations.

The NAVIN Vision

Accelerating Innovation in Emerging Nanotechnologies and its rapid Implementation in System-Level Aerospace and Naval Applications