Russ Maguire, Co-Director, CANEUS Materials Consortia, former Boeing Fellow

Russ Maguire is co-founder of CANEUS materials consortia created in 2003 and is also founder of Global Nanocomposites, LLC. For over 33 years (April 1978 – June 2011), Russ was a Boeing Fellow in the Research & Technology (BR&T) organization specializing in composite materials. He was a leader in BR&T for external technology collaborations in new M&P, and responsible for new technology discovery, evaluation, acquisition and implementation to meet next generation commercial aircraft goals and requirements. He was a BR&T nanotechnology focal and member of the Boeing Advanced Concept Center. He supported every major Boeing Commercial composite development program, including Sonic Cruiser and selection of composites for 787 primary structures.

Russ has almost single-handedly initiated Boeing-wide R&D in the nanotechnology arena in 787 structures, systems, and Phantom Works. He has planned and executed roadmapping workshops, introductory technology courses, been keynote speaker at Air Force, China, Drexel, Eurocomposites, U. Sheffield, NASA, U. Delaware Center for Composites, Pacific NW Lab (Battelle), MIT, [and others]. His efforts have led to conductive resin projects, systems nano projects, and roadmaps for technology. His international reputation and knowledge has made him a key connecting point in an international field undergoing rapid developments, “from Performance Evaluation and 787 Technology Integration”.