Increasing Aerospace Vehicle Production

we are looking to develop new technologies using nanotechnology that would make production of commercial airplanes faster.

Environmental Issues

Composite materials and new innovative approaches all help reduce fuel consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Integrated Sustainment

A key discussion thrust will identify and infuse emerging novel, nano-enabled materials, coatings and sensor technologies for the development of new aerospace vehicles.

Aerospace & Naval vehicles

Working With Us

The NAVIN Consortium will be the focal point for both pre-competitive and proprietary research and development activities...
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Business Model

The NAVIN Consortium IRC will be the "engine" for implementing the smoothly-functioning technology development pipeline...
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Value Proposition for IRC Stakeholder

Close collaboration with NAVIN Consortium being developed by the IRC
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NAVIN Consortium Model for Acceleration of Aerospace/Naval Innovation in India by Leveraging Offset Programs

Offset Enabled Innovation Acceleration

The vision is to provide the funding and instruments to accelerate the development and use of micro- and nano-technologies (MNT)....Read More