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Session 8: MNT Integration - 1

08:00-08:25 Development of Interfaces for Micro-Nano Satellite Systems
Nilsson, Peter ; Ljunggren, Anders ; Thorslund, Robert
ÅAC Microtec, (SWEDEN)

08:25-08:50 Miniaturized Dutch Spacecraft based on MicroSystem Technology: Status and Perspectives
Guo, J. 1; Bouwmeester, J. 1; Gill, E. 1; Noroozi, A. 1; Verhoeven, C. 1; Rotteveel, J. 2; Leijtens, J. 3; Tijsterman, R. 4; Sanders, B. 5
1Delft University of Technology, (NETHERLANDS); 2ISIS - Innovative Solutions In Space, (NETHERLANDS); 3TNO Space, (NETHERLANDS); 4Bradford Engineering B.V., (NETHERLANDS); 5TNO Defense, Security and Safety, (NETHERLANDS)

08:50-09:15 The Micro-Nano Smart System for Space Application
Zhao, Z. ; You, Zheng
Tsinghua University, (CHINA)

09:15-09:40 The Packaging Integration and Interfacing of Micro System Hardware for the ExoMars Life Marker Chip Instrument
Borst, G 1; Boom, E 1; Prak, A 2

09:40-10:05 Introducing a Low Cost and High Performing Interoperable Satellite Platform based on Plug-and-Play Technology for Modular and Reconfigurable Civilian and Military Nanosatellites
Bruhn, F. C. 1; Selin, P. 1; Lindegren, R. 1; Kalnins, I. 2; Lyke, J. C. 3; Rosengren-Calixte, J. 4; Nordenberg, R. 4
1AAC Microtec, (SWEDEN); 2University of Bremen, (SWEDEN); 3AFRL/Space Vehicles Directorate, (UNITED STATES); 4Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV), (SWEDEN)

Session 9: Carbon Nano Tubes & Nanotechnology

10:30-10:55 Inasmet

10:55-11:20 Carbon Nanotube Doped CFRP'S - Challenge and Improvement for Space Structures?
Klebor, M. 1; Hepp, F. 1; Pfeiffer, E. 1; Lodereau , P. 2; Pambaguian, L. 2

11:20-11:45 CNT Doping of Resin for CFRP Thermal Conductivity Enhancement
Lutz, M. ; Cornillon, L. ; Robert, C.
Thales Alenia Space, (FRANCE)

11:45-12:10 Thermoplastic / Carbon NanoTubes Nanocomposites for promoting Conductivity in Polymeric based Structures
Carponcin, D. 1;Dantras, E. 1;Cadièrgues, L. 2;Aridon, G. 3; Levallois, F. 3; Lacabanne, C. 1
1Laboratoire Physique des Polymères-Institut Carnot CIRIMAT-Université Paul Sabatier, (FRANCE);2Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales,(FRANCE);3EADS Astrium Satellites, (FRANCE)

12:10-12:35 Carbon Nanotubes and Silver Flakes filled Epoxy Resin for new Conductive Hybrid Adhesives
Marcq, F 1; Demont, P 1; Monfraix, P 2; Peigney, A 1; Laurent, C 1; Courtade, F 3; Jamin,T 3
1Université de Toulouse - Institut Carnot CIRIMAT, (FRANCE); 2Thales Alenia Space, (FRANCE); 3Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales, (FRANCE)

12:35-13:00 Multi-wall carbon nanotubes/ cyanate ester composites towards the development of novel materials with tailored mechanical, electrical, thermal and RF properties for space antenna reflector applications
Kostopoulos, V. 1; Vavouliotis, A. 2; Baltopoulos, A. 2; Fiamegou, E. 2; Fiamegou, E. 2
1Applied Mechanics Laboratory / University of Patras, (GREECE); 2Applied Mechanics Laboratory, (GREECE)

Session 10: MEMS Packaging

14:00-14:25 Miniaturized Interconnection Systems
Jakob, M.

14:25-14:50 Hermetic and Reliable Wafer-Level Packaging for MEMS
Lisec, T. ; Reinert, W.
Fraunhofer ISIT, (GERMANY)

14:50-15:15 WALES: MEMS Wafer Level Encapsulation

15:15-15:40 Aspects of Micropackaging and System Integration of MEMS Devices
Pritchard, A ; Sturland, I

15:40-16:05 Dual Pressure Chip capping Technology
Schröder, Christian ; Reimer, Klaus ; Weiß, Manfred
Fraunhofer ISIT, (GERMANY)

Session 11: MEMS Varactors, Relays - Wireless - Charge Trapping

16:20-16:45 Stable, High Tuning Range, Micromachined Varactors For Space Applications
O'Mahony, C. 1; Kuberappa, Y. 2; Love, J. 2; Hill, M. 2
1Tyndall National Institute, (IRELAND); 2Cork Institute Of Technology, (IRELAND)

16:45-17:10 Design and Fabrication of Electrostatic MEMS Relay for Space Application
Ruan, Y. ; You, Z.
Tsinghua University, (CHINA)

17:10-17:35 Autonomous μSystem for Transmission Wireless
Rouault, Hélène 1; Klein , Philippe 2; Favre-Reguillon, François 2; Vassal, Marie-Cécile 3; Pelissou, Patrice 4; Daniel, Lise 1; Jost, Pierre 1
1CEA-Liten, (FRANCE); 2Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique et Energies Alternatives, (FRANCE); 33DPlus, (FRANCE); 4EADS - Astrium, (FRANCE)

17:35-18:00 A Novel Charging Concept in Capacitive RF MEMS
Olszewski, Z ; O'Mahony, C ; Houlihan, R ; Duane, R
Tyndall National Institute, (IRELAND)

18:00-18:25 Conduction Modes in Si3N4 Capacitive RF-MEMS
Mardivirin, D. 1; Courreges, S. 1; Pothier, A. 1; Crunteanu, A. 1; Blondy, P. 1; Coccetti, F. 2; Plana, R. 2