• The International Week on Micro & Nano Technologies for Space 2010 is an event organized jointly by the European Space Agency (ESA) and the CANEUS International Organization to be held at ESTEC (NL) on September 13-17, 2010. This unique event builds on the previous six ESA round-tables on MNT for space and five CANEUS World Conferences and Workshops.

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  • Space and defence users are constantly looking for systems that bring new capabilities that have robustness and reliability, technological maturity, failure mechanisms based on graceful degradation and significantly lower mass, size and power consumption.

  • Atmospheric reentry systems are a continuing to grown in complexity and sophistication. These systems expand from the traditional rigid aeroshell reentry using a ballistic or lifting body approach to aerocapture and hypersonic inflatables.
    – NASA Ames, USA

Linus Pauling

β€œTo have a good idea you must first have lots of ideas.”
Linus Pauling, scientist and two-time Nobel Prize winner

How often do you brainstorm about a solution? When do you really tap on the wide expertise of people and the creative minds of a crowd? It takes a workshop like the International Week on MNT for Space to brainstorm on ideas and solutions to address development challenges. Open innovation based collaboration projects offers the solution.