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Session 1: Visions and Roadmaps for MEMS

10:30-10:55 Finding the Place for MEMS in Space
Jonsson, K. ; Gronland, T-A. ; Rangsten, P. ; Bejhed, J. ; Bendixen, M. ; Johansson, H
NanoSpace, (SWEDEN)

10:55-11:20 The Role of Water in MNT Spacecraft - a Visionary Outlook
Stenmark, L. ; Stenmark, L. Manbas
Alpha AB, (SWEDEN)

11:20-11:45 MEMS Qualification: Towards an Approved European Methodology

11:45-12:10 The CORONA Project

12:10-12:35 Miniaturisation Technology Development for Disruptive Spacecraft Impact in ESA Basic Technology Research Programme
Kohler, J ; Binns, D ; Kircher, E
European Space Agency, (NETHERLANDS)

12:35-13:00 MEMS at ST Microelectronics: Business and Roadmaps
Brunet, T.
STMicroelectronics Aerospace & High Reliability Product, (FRANCE)

Session 2: MNT and Space Radiations

14:00-14:25 Failure Mode Discussion on Irradiated MEMS Structures
Dommann, A. 1; Neels, A. 1; Shea, H. 2; Bourban, G. 2
1CSEM, (SWITZERLAND); 2EPFL, Microsystems for Space Technologies Laboratory, (SWITZERLAND)

14:25-14:50 Memsrad Radiation Testing Guidelines
Oudea, C. 1; Vendier, Olivier 2; Gaillard, Remi 3
EADS-Astrium Space Transportation (FRANCE) 2Thales Alenia Space, (FRANCE); 2Infoduc, (FRANCE)

14:50-15:15 A Transparent Carbon Nanotube Sensor for Radiation detection
Yeow, John
University of Waterloo, (CANADA)

14:50-15:40 Miniaturised Sensor Development Programme for Studies of the Space Plasma and Radiation Environment
Kataria, D. ; Smith, A. ; Bedington, R.
Mullard Space Science Laboratory, University College London, (UNITED KINGDOM)

15:40-16:05 Ion-iIadiated Carbon Nanotube Networks: correlated Changes in Conduction and Other Properties
Skakalova, V. ; Hulman, M.
Danubia NanoTech, s.r.o., (SLOVAKIA)

Session 3: Micro Mirrors

16:20-16:45 Applications of Optical MEMS for Space Missions
Gobet, M.; Herbst, P.; Baroni, P.; Marxer, C.
1Sercalo Microtechnology Ltd, (SWITZERLAND)

16:45-17:10 MOEMS For Space: DMD Chip Evaluation
Zamkotsian, F. 1; Tangen, K. 2; Barette, R. 1; Lanzoni, P. 1; Grassi, E. 1; Fabron, C. 1; Valenziano, L. 3; Marchand, L. 4; Duvet, L. 4
1Lab. d'Astrophysique de Marseille, (FRANCE); 2Visitech, (NORWAY); 3INAF/IASF Bologna, (ITALY); 4ESA, (NETHERLANDS)

17:10-17:35 Hybrid Microfabricated Mirrors For Space Applications
Noell, W. 1; Bayat, D. 1; Ataman, C. 1; Lani, S. 1; Guldimann, B. 2; de Rooij, N. 1

17:35-18:00 Hermetically Sealed 2D-MEMS Scanning Mirrors for High Resolution Imaging Applications
Hofmann, U. ; Janes, J. ; Ratzmann, L. ; Schwarzelback, O.
Fraunhofer ISIT (GERMANY)