March 31 – April 2, 2014
IISC (Indian Institute of Science)
Center of Nano Science and
Technology Building
Bangalore, India
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International workshop on Small Satellite and Sensor Technology for Disaster Management

This unique international SSTDM workshop is primarily an effort for identification and further development of small-satellite and sensor technologies with an ultimate aim of serving the disaster management needs.

Primary focus of this forum is to create an inter-disciplinary platform to articulate the system engineering approach and shape collaborative opportunities in fundamental and applied research specifically directed to develop spacecraft payloads and sensors for upcoming disaster management spacecraft missions.

As an essential step in realizing this vision, the Workshop will build on the complementary core expertise from key stakeholders from India and international community’s representing industries, academia and government. Participants representing the end users, technology developers and policy/funding organizations, e.g. IISC, ISRO, DRDO, LMCO, NOAA, NASA, NSF, MIT, amongst others, will review the challenges and lessons learned from state of the art sensor technologies, and small spacecraft missions for weather and disaster monitoring

With a unique flow-down format successfully implemented by CANEUS worldwide over a decade, the workshop will culminate in measurable deliverables, namely a set of collaborative project "blueprints" for developing the most promising technology concepts to system-level demonstration. These collaborative projects documents will describe the technology, the participating institutions and their complementary core expertise, together with a roadmap to system demonstration. These envisaged projects will have innate focus on serving the socio-economic causes and technology-development needs of India, USA and other countries with compliance to the existing cooperation frameworks.

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