UN World Conference on
Disaster Risk Reduction
2015 Sendai Japan

Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction,
March 17th, 2015, 9:00 12:00

Need & Approach

The need for the UN driven global initiative is responsive to the national/ regional and globally interconnected disaster and environmental management efforts, which involves every country and knows no geographic boundaries. No single country can afford to develop such complete set of sensors and satellite system needed for forecasting, monitoring and mitigating disasters like floods, drought, typhoons, earthquakes, wild fires, windstorms, tidal events etc.

Today, small satellites have been playing important roles in new technology demonstration and providing cost effective tools for disaster risk reduction. The key findings from related CANEUS initiatives and lessons learned reveal that space based remote sensing tools covers multi-sectors and require multi-disciplinary approach to address the diverse multi-stakeholders disaster risk management needs.

By creating common data and access standards across communities and by working together as one disaster response system of systems, agencies and emergency management teams can improve their level of preparedness before a natural disaster occurs.