UN World Conference on
Disaster Risk Reduction
2015 Sendai Japan

Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction,
March 17th, 2015, 9:00 12:00


Concept of Operation and Business Model
Proposed UN-OOSA Constellation of Nano-Small-satellites
To set the stage for discussion at the workshop, the relevant issues are summarized in three sections.
  1. The first section summarizes the end user requirements and lessons learned identified by the stakeholders.
  2. The second section addresses technical issues covering the Global-Sat Constellation concept of operations framework wherein dedicated payloads can be built all over the world and integration done in states that build the payloads.

    Additionally, issues covering common ground segment, common launch interface and deployment system, inter-satellite communication system, and availability of spares across all participants will be described, which would reflect the needs and input from all the international stakeholders. Basic tenants for a collaborative frame work are proposed including data collection and distribution, value added services, leveraging of partner resources, cost structures and responsibilities.
  3. The final section covers business models, including funding, management and operational issues. Based on these comprehensive assessments, potential partners expect to have the necessary understanding and insights needed to participate in the system definition, deployment, planning and funding identification activities.
UN Global-Sat