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Harsh Environment Sensors Workshop 2008


City of Neuchatel

Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Background: CANEUS Workshops

CANEUS is a worldwide organization of professionals with a unique purpose: to rapidly and cost-effectively infuse emerging Micro and Nano Technologies (MNT) into Aerospace applications. CANEUS measures its success in the number of emerging technologies that it has actively helped to bridge the mid-maturity "Valley of Death" standing in the way of successful transition to Aerospace systems. The CANEUS Workshops are a critical vehicle by which promising new MNT concepts are brought to the attention of the CANEUS community. The primary question that each CANEUS Workshop has to answer is simple: Can a viable business be initiated to develop the particular MNT-based product under consideration?

2008 Harsh Environment Workshop Objectives

Harsh Environment (HE) Sensors are a key challenge, especially for low volume and high reliability applications in various fields like Space, Aerospace, Defense, and Energy. The main objective of the MNT-based Harsh Environment (HE) Sensors Workshop is to establish international consortia and evolve from concept to system-level products, based on the recent advances in solid state technologies such as SiC, SOI, ceramics/alloys.

There is often little communication between end-user (such as satellite builders) and technology providers (such as MEMS accelerometer manufacturers). This workshop aims at sharing information between those two communities in order to develop the Harsh Environment roadmaps to address aerospace needs for MNT sensors/systems. The proposed consortium project will be based on a clear identification of the end-user needs and technical capabilities provided by involved laboratory and manufacturer know-how. National and International Agencies will be also involved in the project.

Conclusions will emphasize a possible cooperation to be set up at a worldwide level and at the end of the two-day workshop; we hope to be in a position to provide answers for the following:

2008 Harsh Environment Workshop Organization

The workshop will be held over 2 days.

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