Projects / Programs Description Status Outcome
Standards and certification Development of reliability testing standards for micro-sensors, micro-actuators and micro-switches.
  • Phase 1: Concept paper completed
  • Phase 2: Team members and funding proposal
  • Phase 3: Implementation plan
Generic and specific data on the reliability of MNT-based systems using physics of failure approach
Radiation Development of radiation testing of MNT devices and materials, including sensing elements and microelectronic circuits.
  • Phase 1: Concept paper completed
  • Phase 2: Team members and funding proposal
  • Phase 3: Implementation plan
Findings from the charged particle environment in space and the physics of radiation effects on MEMS devices and materials, which include: total Ionizing Dose (TID), Single Event Effects (SEE) and displacement damage
Database and Technology Portal Identify existing (and various) networks, labs, university dealing with MEMS reliability, their competences and knowledge and create a matrix of gaps identified towards the demonstration of the capability of MNT to fly (in terms of reliability)
  • Phase 1: Strategic plan completed
  • Phase 2: Roadmap for implementation in progress
  • Phase 3: Database implementation
A database of MNT users and developers
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