Step 2: Project Concept Proposal

CANEUS MNT projects and initiatives are defined and carried out by the businesses and institutions within the Aerospace Community and the process that is used to select which projects or initiatives to pursue begins with a the submission of a Project Concept. Anyone in the Aerospace Community can propose a Project Concept but once a project is selected for effectuation by the CANEUS members then the proposer must be a member to continue with the program.

Typically, only high-risk, high-cost projects that are beyond the means of any single business or institution are selected for addition to the portfolio of CANEUS projects and only projects that have wide appeal to a broad base of CANEUS members are considered. These types of projects provide the best opportunity to leverage the resources of the CANEUS membership.

It is possible for a proposer of a Project Concept to describe a:

  • process development or;
  • product development or;
  • initiative (such as developing standards or creating a web portal for example) or;
  • broad program of initiatives and developments (to initiate a sector consortium).

Any of these forms of projects is an acceptable category for a CANEUS Project.

CANEUS members submit different project concept proposals from non-members. Please download the CANEUS Project Proposal Template for further information.

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Last updated: 12/16/2010