Step 1: Concept Topic

The CANEUS organization solicits submissions of project concept topics from the aerospace community to identify potential Micro-Nano-Technology (MNT) project concepts at the biennial CANEUS conferences’ Sector Consortia workshop sessions. Sector Consortia focus on projects that are of such high risk and cost that they are beyond the means of any single organization to pursue. A CANEUS Consortium is typically based on a partnership between industry, research laboratories, and government agencies, and includes all of the primary stakeholders that comprise a product/system supply chain: aerospace end-users, systems integrators, technology suppliers, component suppliers, and services providers. Those wishing to submit a project concept topic may be from any of these entities.

Project Concept Topics are specific technology pursuits that will be developed and organized into Concept Projects and evaluated at the CANEUS biennial conference. The scope of these topics can range from technology, product or service development initiatives to broad industry sector initiatives having a wide-ranging work program. Based on the conference evaluation, successful concepts will be selected to become projects.

To ensure broad coverage of the MNT technology base, we have identified the following Focal Areas as categories from which potential Concept Topics may be addressed. This should not be viewed as limiting, but merely as a suggested guide for Concept Topic identification. Respondents are welcomed to supply MNT Concept Topics that are within the scope of aerospace applications.

  • Nano Materials – Bulk Structural (nano composites)
  • Nano Materials – Surfaces/Coatings (thermal, optical, hardness, etc)
  • Energetic Materials – Propulsion and Energy Sources
  • Nano Photonics / Opto-Electronics (displays, optical chips, interconnects)
  • Structural / Vehicle Health Monitoring (sensors, strain, corrosion, torque, wireless, network systems)
  • Environmental Sensors (chemical, bio, radiation, fluidic, pressure, inertial, harsh environment)
  • Molecular / Nano electronics (CNT, spin, radiation hard, harsh environment)
  • Reliability and Metrology for Micro-devices / Micro-systems
  • Highly Integrated Systems (micro-nano robotics, smart systems)

Please submit Concept Topics that your organization would be interested in pursuing in collaboration with CANEUS. Concept Topic submissions should be in the form of a one-page abstract which contains

  1. Description of the MNT concept,
  2. Identification of the pressing need the technology addresses,
  3. Who the end customers are that the technology would serve, and
  4. What technologies would be required to bring a system-level implementation.

Please submit your Concept Topic by e-mailing to

The CANEUS organization is composed of members from across the aerospace/defense spectrum, including researchers, technology developers, end-users, government policy makers, and investors. The activities of the organization are driven by member inputs and requests. For this reason, it is important that your response is made with the consideration of your organization, and is a representation of the goals and pursuits that collaboration with CANEUS can benefit your organization.

Finally, along with your Concept Topic submission, please identify from your organizational point of view, the most pressing system-level need for Aerospace/Defense applications that can potentially be satisfied with an MNT-based solution.

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Last updated: 12/16/2010