Projects / Programs Description Status Outcome
Thermal protection and radiation shielding systems Development of nano-composite materials for thermal protection and radiation shielding systems.
  • Phase 1: Project concept paper completed
  • Phase 2: Approach for the development, proposed implementation plan, metrics for evaluating progress, proposed teaming arrangement options and identification of potential governmental, industrial and institutional sources of funding, in progress
  • Phase 3: project launch
Composite materials to provide significant enhancement in the thermal conductivity, directional anisotropy, radiation/absorption, and structural reinforcement capabilities. Major reductions in the overall system mass with the use of nanostructured thermal protection / radiation shielding materials.
Multi-functional composite materials with MNT embedded sensors Development of multifunctional composite materials with MNT embedded sensors which can deliver previously unavailable capabilities for structural health or failure monitoring.
  • Phase 1: Project concept paper revision in progress
  • Phase 2: Plan for Fabrication, characterization and prototype design for such multi-functional composites
  • Phase 3: Funding, implementation
. Create multi-functional, “smart” materials by embedding a variety of MNT-based sensors and actuators within these composites . multi-functional composites, which can deliver previously unavailable capabilities for structural health or failure monitoring
Composite materials for load-bearing structural applications  
  • Phase 1: The concept of operation study completed
  • Phase 2: Prototype Identification, team members and funding proposal
  • Phase 3: Prototype development implementation
A prototype using Polymer Clay Nano-composites (PCN’s) for structural applications in Aerospace and other industries
Micro-Energetics Seek useful energetic material forms on length scales of one NM to one MM Development of MNT-based micro generation and micro propulsion solutions
  • Phase 1: Technical and programmatic background necessary to evaluate the current status in terms of technological maturity, key technology developers, potential funders, and aerospace end-applications, market potential and the challenges involved in progress
  • Phase 2: Team members and funding proposal in progress
  • Phase 3: Implementation plan
Foster the development of green end-user integratable energetic materials. Motivate synthesis, assembly, and understanding of energetic materials in small dimensions, Promote the development of methodologies leading to safe processing, storage, and handling of micro-energetic
Improving Nano-Material Coatings for Aerospace Improving the thermal protection, electrical and thermal conductivity, and radiation shielding of nano-materials useful for aerospace structure coatings brought together end-user members of EUCOM, EADS, NASA, and CNES, along with several universities and research organizations such as IAR-NRC- Canada, NPL-UK, Innovative Materials – Canada and University of Bremen.
Reinforcing Composite Materials with Nano-Technology EADS, ESA, NASA, NPL, and other organizations agreed on the importance of finding different nanotechnologies that can reinforce composite materials. Over three years, the collaborators will focus on finding nano-technologies with desired properties, incorporating them into structural materials, and characterizing those materials.
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