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Monday, July 10, 2006

Local Arrangement Committee advancing logistical coordination in Toulouse

Dr. Oudea Coumar and Thilo Schoenfield spearheaded a meeting of the Local Arrangement Committee in Toulouse, France, to discuss and finalize details of several on-site management issues. Much progress is being made in securing promotional materials for the conference. In addition, five PhD students have been nominated as volunteers to work on the Local Arrangement Committee, with Cedric Seguineau as Captain. Working with Cedric will be Fabienne Pennec, Julie Ferrigno, David Veyrié, and Melanie Barone.

Letters sent to potential supporters of Process Workshop WP2 on Harsh Environment Sensors

Letters to potential sponsors for Pilot Project Workshop WP2 on Harsh Environment Sensors have been sent out. The letters outline the concrete benefits of supporting this unique and groundbreaking endeavour and encourage active participation from sponsors in implementing the Pilot Project. Thanks to Walter Merrill who suggested several names of potential supporters, we have contacted pertinent individuals at Boeing, JPL, Honeywell, and Sandia National Labs, among others.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Dr. Robert Lainé, CTO of EADS-Space, to lead the CEO-CTO Policy Panel at the CANEUS 2006 Conference

The CEO-CTO Policy Panel will debate and discuss the potential infusion of the emerging Micro Nano Technologies (MNT) into the next generation of aircraft, spacecraft, and defense applications. The CEO-CTO Policy Panel will discuss how the aerospace community can influence future MNT investment by government agencies and private capital. The panelists will identify how current national and international policy agreements can be formulated to achieve such vision.

CANEUS NPS and Canadian DND identify collaborative opportunities

CANEUS NPS and Canadian DND held a meeting on June 14 th in Ottawa, to explore potential opportunities for CANEUS NPS to provide unique space-based capabilities for use by Canadian Forces. It was agreed that CANEUS NPC Inc and the DND will support each other in collaborative research and development of Nano and Pico-Satellites. Additionally, CANEUS NPS participation in the Canadian Space Agency's Small Satellite Working Group is planned.

CANEUS NPS plans alliance with MicroSat Systems Inc. to develop Nano- Pico Satellites

A meeting was held between MicroSat Systems Inc. and CANEUS NPS on June 15th in Colorado to pursue a strategic joint collaboration for the development and manufacture of Nano-Pico Satellites. CANEUS NPS together with its partner Angstrom Aerospace Corporation plans to collaborate with MicroSat Inc. on the development and delivery of the first two technology demonstrator missions, NPS 1 and NPS 2.

CANEUS in the news: two press releases distributed

CANEUS “ MNT-for-Aerospace Visionary Awards: Call for Nominations” was released on June 14 th on the US Business Wire and simultaneously on the Canadian News Wire. CANEUS is excited to witness that numerous media outlets have already picked up on this announcement it can be previewed at the following links: and These releases mark the beginning of a calculated endeavour to raise CANEUS's profile worldwide. Regular releases of CANEUS news and developments are anticipated.

Government of Brazil expresses interest in CANEUS membership

CANEUS welcomes the expression of interest from Dr. Carlos Mateus concerning the status of the Brazilian CANEUS membership. Brazil's involvement marks the addition of South America to the inter-continental organization, which currently boasts membership from North America, Europe, and Asia. Discussions and the drafting of a Letter of Intent and Memorandum of Understanding are currently underway. Dr. Mateus will address the Conference participants in Toulouse on the MNT activities currently taking place in Brazil.

Monday, June 12

CANEUS Announces Preliminary Program for the CANEUS 2006 Conference

The CANEUS 2006 Conference is unlike any other in that it is a unique conference with tangible, measurable deliverables. CANEUS 2006 provides an exceptional opportunity for the creation of continuous, smoothly functioning technology development “pipelines” for transitioning emerging Micro and Nano Technology (MNT) concepts to Aerospace systems. In order to overcome the Darwinian odds facing the transition of MNT concepts through the technology “Valley of Death,” CANEUS has united the developer, user, and funding communities under one roof. An impressive list of speakers and attendees includes world-renowned scientists, engineers, program managers, investors and policy-makers from the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia. read the full text


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