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July 10, 2006


CANEUS announces cooperation with Dawnbreaker in managing aspects of CANEUS 2006 Pilot Projects

CANEUS is pleased to announce collaborative efforts with Dawnbreaker in managing the Process Workshop Pilot Projects. Dawnbreaker is a professional services firm providing commercialization assistance to advanced technology firms and their investors. CANEUS will be working closely with the founders of Dawnbreaker, John and Jenny Servo, using a management approach similar to models they have created for the US Navy and SBIR. Given his extensive expertise with formulating business plans, John has agreed to review the seven Projects in order to evaluate cost-benefit ratios for each. CANEUS is also pleased to welcome both John and Jenny Servo as Expert Panelists in the Workshop Common Sessions. In addition, we are delighted to welcome Jenny as an Invited Speaker in Session S18 on Low TRL Private Investment. For more information on Dawnbreaker and the synergy between our objectives, please see

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