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September 06 , 2006


CANEUS 2006 Announces Japan as Official Host of the CANEUS 2008 Conference

CANEUS is pleased to announce that the CANEUS 2008 Conference will be hosted by Japan! Headed by Professor Koubun Saitoh of JAXA, the Japanese Delegation made a presentation to the CANEUS Organizing Committee at a meeting on Sunday, August 27th. After much deliberation, the Organizing Committee announced that they are honoured to support Japan as official hosts of the CANEUS 2008 Conference.

The CANEUS Organizing Committee feels very strongly that the CANEUS 2008 Conference provides a crucial opportunity to emphasize inclusiveness of our Asia-Pacific Member Countries, including China, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, as well as, of course, Japan. As the CANEUS Organization stresses global cooperation, we feel this is an ideal moment to solidify our international connections. As official host of the CANEUS 2008 Conference, Japan will stress inclusion of its sister countries in Asia, and is uniquely positioned to serve as a hub for the participation of these countries. Additionally, Japan boasts both manned and unmanned space programs, whose technologies would be of particular interest to CANEUS Conference participants. The CANEUS 2006 Conference served as a springboard from which to launch our ambitious preparations for the CANEUS 2008 Conference.

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