Two types of major contributors make CANEUS of benefit to all Members and the Rest Of the World (ROW): Individuals and Organizations.

Over the past 10 year period, investments by Individuals worldwide in CANEUS’ activities have produced results that impact both near- and long-term aeronautics, space and defense programs by infusing emerging MNT into novel and innovative new applications. Valued, trusted connections are in place between CANEUS and individuals representing researchers, technology developers, end users, systems integrators, and policy makers.

Strong involvement by Agencies, Research Laboratories, and Universities such as UN-COOSA, NASA, ESA, JAXA, IALA, NATO, ONR/NRL, USAF/Aerospace Corp. NRCC, EDA, APEC, California Polytechnic University, University of Texas, Delft University, Kyushu University, and others, as well companies such as Boeing, LMCO, EADS, ULA, ORBCOMM, SpaceQuest, SpaceX, Bombardier, and others, in CANEUS activities is testament to the fact that these organizations have recognized benefits for both near-and-mid-term major needs and programs. Over these past few years, these organizations have invested both monetarily and through in-kind contributions to advance several collaborative initiatives.

Now, with the learning experience of a decade and a highly successful forward leaning track record, CANEUS International is pleased to launch this “MEMBERSHIP CAMPAIGN” to help ensure the sustainment of the evolving CANEUS fostered benefits described above and more fully on the “MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS” page of this web site. Our intent is to make the membership process simple and affordable for individuals, and commercial, governmental, non-profit, and academic enterprises. There are no real or imagined barriers to membership for students, small businesses, or developing nations. We hope to rapidly gain paying members from the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Pacific Rim, and the Middle East regions. Our planned program for 2011 is full and with your support, it will be launched early in January 2011.

Remember CANEUS is a Member-centric non-profit organization founded solely to execute the mission stated previously. Membership fees are applied to the technical program, primarily, with some funds and other donations applied to education and training of the existing and entering new work force, e.g. the Y or Millennium generation. A small, energetic, lean knowledge-based staff provides administrative support to the organization from the headquarters location in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Simplified On-line Membership Process for Individuals and Organizations

The new Member friendly website provides links for you to join as an Individual Member and/or for your organization to join as a participating Organization Member in specific CANEUS Consortia Projects:

In the coming year, we plan to make significant additional improvements to our web site, expand our newsletter and news coverage with daily feeds, possibly publish a monthly magazine to allow rapid dissemination of new technologies and processes, offer e-based training programs, and provide a Members' Only section, that encourages community whiteboarding, among other knowledge sharing, so that we establish continuous transparent communications and idea sharing among both Individuals and Organizations. Our “Members' Cloud” drives the CANEUS program.

Funds that we raise through our membership campaign will help produce conferences and workshop events, educational programs, innovative concept topic development, consortia projects, newsletters, and publications.

Thanks again for helping to make this a successful Membership Campaign. Please continue to share the goals and work of CANEUS with colleagues in your workplace and nation. You can help us spread the word by encouraging others to become Members gaining benefits that contribute to their own growth and success. Through results, we will make sure that the needs of our membership are always the first priority of CANEUS activities ahead.

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I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and look forward to share the good news about what’s on the horizon in 2011 and ahead!

Warm regards,

Dear Colleague and Prospective CANEUS Member:

In 2001, it was just the dream of a few. Now, in 2011, it is becoming reality! The reality is manifest in the global collaborative projects that are transitioning Micro- Nano- Technologies into novel and innovative Aerospace Applications for major end users worldwide.

My confidence comes from the leadership and participation of the many colleagues and organizations worldwide who designed these projects to solve truly relevant needs and then went on to participate in open and trusted collaborations with each other to derive solutions for prototyping, systems integration, and delivery to end users.

The very forward-looking and kinetic CANEUS network deserves all the credit and gives us at CANEUS International the inspiration to go forward with even more determination to contribute to the collective safety, security, and prosperity of the planet and all humankind.

In 2001, it seemed impossible. What has turned out to be CANEUS’ pioneering approach was to create and foster collaborative consortia from across the globe, aimed at transitioning emerging MNT concepts to systems for aerospace applications. But since then, through the support of many of you, we have demonstrated a sophisticated, rapid, and cost-effective approach to leap over the technology transition “Valley of Death.” Public-private partnerships based on trust and hence openness have demonstrated stepping stones to our success that are evidenced by Consortia Technical Projects, Workshops, and Advancing Professional Education amongst other benefits - I see those as our collective products that promote economic competitiveness and regional stability, while reducing human suffering and isolation.

Public-private partnerships based on trust and hence openness..

Practical solutions fostered by the CANEUS network working collectively include Shared Small Satellite, e.g. cubesats, the Global Launch Portal, MNT based Materials and Devices, and Structural Health Monitoring for Fly-by-Wireless applications. The breadth and positive energy of the network, acting somewhat like a “human knowledge cloud,” is the factor that allows us to leapfrog the “valley of death.” Our network includes commercial company executives, government agency executives, academic and other thought leaders, bench scientists and technologists, systems engineers, generals, admirals, policy makers, strategic planners, administrators, manufacturers, analysts, investors, and so on. The point here is that the network gives all stakeholders equal seats within the network. Our new web page provides a fuller description of the CANEUS structure. "Virtuosity through virtuality" is our moniker!

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