CANEUS 2004 Conference on Micro-Nano-Technologies for Aerospace Applications

From Concepts to Systems

Hyatt Regency Monterey, Monterey, California, USA
November 1 - November 5, 2004

CANEUS 2004 at a Glance
CANEUS Pilot Project Concept Papers
The Concept Papers are the "blueprints" for potential MNT-based pilot projects aimed at developing system-level prototypes for aerospace applications. The purpose of a concept paper is to characterize a potential area of mutual interest from the selected concept topics.
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Understanding the CANEUS Conference and the CANEUS Organization


CANEUS 2004 is the world's premier international conference devoted to Micro-Nano-technology (MNT) development for Aerospace Applications. The first CANEUS 2002 workshop was initiated, organized and hosted by the Centre for Large Space Structures and Systems (CLS3) of Montreal, Canada. Due to the success of the workshop, the CLS3, together with the CANEUS organization and AIAA, are planning the second CANEUS Conference on Micro-Nano-Technologies for Aerospace Applications. The CANEUS 2004 conference will build on the theme developed during the CANEUS 2002 workshop; namely, it will address the challenge of efficiently transitioning aerospace MNT development from a mostly low TRL (Technology Readiness Level) stage to system-level implementations. The creation of an Aerospace MNT development "pipeline" would involve the active participation and buy-in from several important constituencies from among those involved in Low, Mid and High TRL development as well as end-users and investors. Given the small size of the overall Aerospace MNT community, a key objective of the conference is to foster international partnerships aimed at creating MNT-based aerospace products by bringing together complementary core competencies.

CANEUS 2004 will bring together key scientists, engineers, program managers, investors and policy-makers from America, Europe and Asia, representing both the MNT development community and aerospace end-users. CANEUS 2004 is thus a unique conference examining all aspects of end-to-end development from MNT concepts to aerospace system implementations. The conference will conclude with the development of "blueprints" for a set of pilot programs aimed at Aerospace MNT development. These pilot programs will coordinate complementary core-competencies of the participating organizations and will involve collaborative investment facilitated at the highest inter-governmental level.


  • October 30-31: 6 Pre-Conference Short Courses
  • November 1-3: 22 Thematic Conference Sessions, 3 Poster Sessions and Relevant Technical Exhibits
  • November 4-5: 7 Process Workshops covering 14 Concepts Studies to identify potential Pilot Projects





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