CANEUS Workshop on Aerospace Structural Health Monitoring
Held in Conjunction with the
5th Annual RFID World Conference and the IEEE International Conference on RFID
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    "Fly-by-Wireless" Workshop Vision
To minimize cables and connectors across the aerospace industry by providing reliable, lower cost, and higher performance alternatives for a vehicle/program's life-cycle.


Establish an international forum through the CANEUS Organization to exchange public and published information on wireless alternatives and new innovations such as no-power sensor-tag systems which precipitate cooperation and partnerships between industry/government customers, system innovators and technology developers.
dot Promote understanding of the maturity and capability of alternatives to wired infrastructure, such as no-power instrumentation, standalone wireless data acquisition and processing systems, and wireless control redundancy improvements, in order to facilitate timely vehicle architecture accommodations and prioritize technology development.
dot Identify solution paths for key challenges such as FAA regulations, certification requirements, RF interference, structural design and access and spectrum management.
dot Quantify the life cycle return on investment or mission need for various applications and opportunities to establish which investments and partnerships are most likely to succeed.
dot Identify and enable key partnerships toward implementing “Fly-by-Wireless” in aerospace vehicles where the market shows the highest payback; develop project plans for technology maturation, and put in place the architecture and infrastructure that supports incremental implementation of anticipated technological advancements.